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A Time to H.E.A.L.
Health . Equity. Advocacy . Leadership

This past pandemic year has been wrought with much pain from deaths, racism, economic losses to violence and division. In the AAPI community, we have seen much of these disparities including continued anti-Asian hate. We recognize much  healing  is needed as individuals, communities and as a nation but we need the tools and resources to rebuild our future. This year's summit is to look at where we are, how do we lead and do things differently that will bring healing and renewal that will lead to unity, health and equity for all. We ask you to join us.



Light up the Night:
A Time to HEAL

In accordance with our conference theme,​ A Time to HEAL: Healing, Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership - Light Up the Night: ​​Celebrating 20 Years of FACE, we will be honoring dynamic leaders who have brought light & hope for the purpose of healing, transformed communities in the pursuit of equity, advocated for racial justice and solidarity, and exemplified leadership through their compassion and faith.​

11th LTC


A Time to H.E.A.L.

Health . Equity . Advocacy . Leadership
Friday, October 22 - Sunday, October 24, 2021
(Virtual Conference & Hybrid Gala Dinner)

*Please NOTE: In person guests are expected to be vaccinated and are to wear masks for the entirety of the event unless eating or speaking.

Awards Gala Dinner Honorees

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CIT Bank

Robert Fong on behalf of CIT

Corporate Leadership Award


The National Lighting the Community Summit brings together policy makers, elected officials, corporations, pastors, media, community leaders and other stakeholders to provide faith leaders and underserved communities to learn how to access funding opportunities, build successful partnerships with various stakeholders, and better implement programs & services for the community so that the faith community can serve as a "light to the world." It provides a forum for collaboration, engagement and dialogue, as well as training workshops to address key economic and social issues, such as housing, small business, mental health, and immigration reform, amongst others. Additionally, the conference provides an opportunity to highlight great models and resources in the AAPI community and as well as advocate for issues that impact AAPIs and other underrepresented communities we serve.

In addition to the plenary sessions and workshops,  the conference will include the National Asian American Prayer Breakfast and the 20th Anniversary Awards Gala Dinner recognizing those who have contributed to the advancement of the community.  

join us to learn
  • How to activate faith and nonprofit leaders to maximize their community engagement

  • How to create and sustain true solidarity

  • How to partner with various stakeholders -such as government agencies, corporate funders & others- to leverage  resources to better serve the community​​

This video is from a past Summit.