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Our Homeownership Program assists individuals in attaining and retaining the “American Dream” of homeownership. FACE is a HUD approved housing counseling agency that has helped over 10,000 clients be on their way to homeownership. FACE helps clients connect with the right experts, downpayment assistance programs, and knowledge to be successful homeowners

In a hurry to get your homebuyer's education certification? Take the self-guided course from eHome for $100 here. 

FACE partners with Bank of America's Special Purpose Credit Program
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FACE is one of five agencies partnering with Bank of America for this new program designed to expand access to credit for homebuyers, small business, and business banking!

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What Do You Need?

Homeownership Education Classes & Counseling


Homeownership Fairs


Affordable Housing







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The Homebuying Process


Complete the Homebuyer Education Class

This class is a requirement for downpayment assistance programs. You can see the scheduled classes and register below.


Become Pre-Approved

We will help you connect with lenders who match your downpayment assistance needs for you to get pre-approval.


Sign up for 1-1 Housing Counseling

In our counseling session, FACE's HUD approved counseling counselor will review your individual situation, including your income, credit score, desired home purchase, etc, and guide you to be mortgage ready and match you with downpayment assistance programs.


Go Shopping for a Home!

Once you receive pre-approval, we will help you identify real estate agents who have expertise with downpayment assistance programs and first time homebuyers.


We will be your trusted adviser and will be able to provide assistance if there are bumps along the way

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Get the 8 hour Certificate!

Once you complete our counseling session you will be given your 8 hour certificate. We will also guide you on next steps.


Become a Homeowner!

Once you get to the finish line of homeownership, we can celebrate!

HomeBuyer Education Classes

The FACE Homebuyer Education Classes consists of 8-hour, HUD-approved, homebuyer classes.

The 8-hour certificate is a requirement of various down payment assistance programs offered by government agencies and banks. During the COVID-19 season, FACE is offering these classes online through video conferencing for social distancing safety.

**PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be registered AND take the entire 8-hour class to receive the certificate.**

See Registration Details Below

Virtual Live Webinar Classes

Register for a class in English or Korean by clicking on one of the widgets below.

Self-Guided Classes

If scheduled live webinar classes are not convenient, FACE also offers options for online classes that you can access  24-7 at your convenience at your own pace. 


**Please note that these classes may not meet some requirements for required homebuyer educations. (For Example, City of Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department [HCIDLA] Low Income Purchase Assistance [LIPA] and Mortgage Credit Certificate [MCC] programs require in-person classes. Please contact at for more details.)