Homeownership dreams can come true!

It is a dream come true. I received a $110,000 in down payment assistance. Thank you FACE!

- Vicente Cain Rivera, 22 years old

   $2,900 Out of pocket cost

   ABC 7 News Coverage

Through the help of FACE, I got $133,000!

- Sera Chang, Korean Missionary's Daughter

   $13,000 Out of pocket cost

The Faith and Community Empowerment (FACE) mission is to support and improve underserved communities and utilize the Homeownership Program to assist individuals in attaining and retaining the “American Dream” of homeownership. FACE LA is a HUD approved housing counseling agency that has helped over 10,000 clients on their way to homeownership.


The FACE Homeownership Program is divided into 5 sub-programs to assist underserved communities with the challenging process of buying a home.  


1.    Homeownership Education Classes & Individual Counseling

2.    Homeownership Fairs

3.    Affordable Housing

4.    Foreclosure Prevention

5.    Money Management 


Homebuyer Education Classes

The FACE Homebuyer Education Classes consists of 8-hour, HUD-approved, homebuyer classes. The 8-hour certificate is a requirement of various down payment assistance programs offered by government agencies and banks. During the COVID-19 season, FACE is offering these classes online through video conferencing for social distancing safety.

**PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be registered AND take the entire 8-hour class to receive the certificate.**


Regardless of requirements, the information provided will help you to understand all aspects of the mortgage and homebuying process ensuring you the best opportunity to find a prospective home, get approved for a home loan, and lock in the lowest possible mortgage rates and loan processing fees.  


You will become an informed homebuyer fluent in financial literacy & home buying: 

  • managing and/or improving credit score

  • various bank and government down payment programs

  • special loan products:

    • zero down payment

    • no PMI

    • 4 to 1 match savings, up to $22,000 

  • qualifying for a mortgage loan

  • finding your home

  • getting your offer accepted

  • getting your keys to your house!

As a part of the FACE Homebuyer Educations Classes, FACE offers continued individual counseling through our network of professionals committed to and specializing in first-time and low to moderate income homebuyers. From the start of the homeownership search to the closing of the purchase of your home, we provide expert guidance.


The FACE Homebuyer Education Classes are offered twice a month in English and Korean for a one-time fee of $60. Additionally, a $10 discount may apply when you preregister and prepay for the class. 

For more information see below or click the following links: 

  1. Current Classes 

  2. Online Classes

  3. Parking & Payment Information 

  4. Locations

  5. Documentation after Registration


Live Webinar Classes

라이브 웨비나 수업


Online Classes

온라인 수업

If scheduled live webinar classes are not convenient, FACE also offers options for online classes that you can access  24-7 at your convenience at your own pace. 


**Please note that these classes may not meet some requirements for required homebuyer educations. (For Example, City of Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department [HCIDLA] Low Income Purchase Assistance [LIPA] and Mortgage Credit Certificate [MCC] programs require in-person classes. Please contact at info@facela.org for more details.)


Payment & Parking Info


Option #1: Building's Visitor Section (entrance on Wilshire/Ardmore). 
Flat $4 all day on Saturdays. 


Option #2: St. Basil Catholic Church. 
$6 all day parking until 5PM.

Free residential parking if available.

FACE 사무실인 있는 건물 주차장의 방문자 자리(Wilshire/Ardmore) 에 $4만 지불하신후 하루 종일 주차하실 수 있습니다.

다른주차가능지역: FACE 사무실이 있는 건물 건너편에 St. Basil Catholic Church 에 가시면오후 5시까지 7불만 내신후 주차하실수 있습니다. 건물 주위에 주차하시는 것도 가능합니다.


Register ONLINE & receive $10 OFF from $60). *Please note: Registration Fee is non-refundable. If payment has not been received a week in advance, your seat will not be guaranteed.

*Payment options included Creditcard, Check, or Money Order.  

Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation to attend the class.  


One-On-One Counseling sessions
are offered upon completion of
the course FREE of charge.


All classes are held on Saturdays
from 9:00am – 5:00pm. PT.

Each Session is 8 hours, which includes 
a 1 hour lunch break.

The course must be completed in order to receive the 8 Hour Certificate.

모든 강의는 토요일 오전 9시 – 오후5시 까지입니다. 교육시간은 8시간 이며 1시간의
점심시간을 포함 9시간 입니다




For Registered Students Only!

Please be sure to complete everything!

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