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Ages 14-24?

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AAPI Career Pathways Initiative

Paid internships in private & government sectors for ages 14-24! In partnership with LA County WDACS.

What is it?

Professional Experience

Ongoing Mentorship

Long Term Career

FACE's AAPI Career Pathways Initiative is a partnership with LA County Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services that provides youth with paid internship opportunities in public and private sectors. In addition to job training, through this unique opportunity, AAPI Interns will be able to gain leadership skills and be mentored by influential leaders from CEOs to government officials.

Click the button below to fill out FACE's preliminary interest form!

What You Do

  • Earn $17 per hour

  • 120 hours of paid training and work experience. *

  • Over 700 internship sites at Businesses, Non-Profits, & LA County Government such as Parks & Recreation, LA County Supervisors, District Attorney's Office and more!

    • Jobs include administrative, clerical, IT, hospitality, etc.

  • Opportunity to network with County leadership!

Do you qualify?

  • LA County Residents Ages 14-24

  • Must have the right to work in the United States

  • If male and 18 years old or older, you may be required to register for Selective Service

* For County placements, upon completion of 120 hours, candidates will be eligible to compete for 1 year full time internships and then potential permanent county work positions.

Additional Resources


In-Language Flyers

Find more information in your language and/or help us translate in a missing language!


Internship Sites

Choose from over 700 sites which private, government and non-profit opportunities fit your interest!


Participant Testimonies

Hear what past & present participants gained and what future participants are hoping for!


Media Coverage

Take a look at the excitement and support surrounding this initiative!

Find an AJCC

Haven't been contacted by the County yet? See the list of AJCCs below to contact one near you.

Dakota, Age 15
FACE Youth Ambassador

I am excited to have the opportunity to gain work experience and leadership skills that can be applicable towards my future career! Thank you FACE!

Amanda, Age 18

Past Participant

Thanks to Youth @ Work, I was able to obtain some job experience. At the time, I had a lot of difficulty searching for a place to start gaining job experience and because of this program, I was able to do so.

Halena, Age 18

Current Participant

My experience working for the Youth @ Work intern was amazing! I learned so many more valuable life skills that will definitely help me out in my future and expand my knowledge of customer service, teamworking, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and so much valuable skills!


2023 AAPI Career Pathways Youth @ Work Intern Testimony

Past Participant (2021)

Age 18

My experience working for the Youth @ Work intern was amazing! I learned so many more valuable life skills that will definitely help me out in my future and expand my knowledge of customer service, teamworking, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and so much valuable skills!

Current Participant (2023)

Autumn Eaves
Age 14, 10th Grade


I got to work collaboratively with mentors and interns which helped me gain work experience! I was able to ask questions and get proper guidance on tasks.

Current Participant (2023)

Kyan Hsu
Age 17, 12th Grade

I'm currently on FACE's social media and marketing by making posts and learn about new software. I'm thankful for the support of this program!

Current Participant (2023)

Dakota Lee
Age 18, UCLA

I feel heard through this internship with FACE, doing administrative work with files and information. I do research and engage in insightful conversations with my peers to gain new perspectives. These are applicable to my community and a positive impact on my surroundings!


Tashad Barnes
Age 15, 10th Grade

While working with FACE, I've been able to explore marketing. I am able to make posts and phone calls to potential sponsors.

Current Participant (2023)

Jennifer Kahng
Age 17

Gave me opportunity to be in a working environment and I learned various skills!

Current Participant (2023)

Eddie Kahng
Age 17

Benefitted from interning at FACE because of the professional work. Interns like Eddie learn many skills like excel and mailing which help him also gain necessary life experiences!

Current Participant (2023)

Sarah Lee
Age 17

Opportunity to work on new tasks and gain workforce experience!

Current Participant (2023)

Matthew Zhao
Age 18

Working no longer seems like a daunting task and I have gained working experience unlike anywhere else!

Current Participant (2023)

Sean Hyun Choi

My time at FACE is valuable in that I've gained lots of insight in regards to working in a corporate environment. Another aspect that I appreciate is that the work hours are flexible and the workload is never too heavy so that you can afford to work at your own pace.

Current Participant (2023)

Ashley Duong

My time at FACE has been beneficial, I've gained real-life work experience such as working in a corporate environment. I also gained valuable skills such as Microsoft and marketing that I can apply in my future. 

Current Participant (2023)

Yerin Lee
Age 20

"Working at this organization has provided me with a lot of hands on experience which lead me to develop my personal, people, and professional skills. I also was able to learn a lot of communication skills all while working for a cause that I care about." 

Current Participant (2023)

Agerea Sanchez

"Working at FACE is an awesome program for youth and giving them an opportunity."

Current Participant (2023)

Victoria Gonzalez

"I made a difference in the time that I have been (with FACE) with administrative work and marketing. I have learned a lot about Microsoft and other programs and it really helped me put some valuable experience on my resume for other jobs."

Current Participant (2023)

India Mitchell
Age 19

"FACE has been in the best working environment that I have ever worked in. Everyone here makes me feel included and comfortable to be here. FACE has bettered my organization skills, computer skills, and communication skills which will help me in the long run in earning my business management degree."

Current Participant (2023)

Reece Rojas

"I have interned at FACE over the past summer running their social media accounts. One of my favorite experiences was going in person to an involvement fair and representing the company. It was an inspiring and enlightening experience as I got to see the physical changes I was making in my community." 

Current Participant (2023)

Haebin Han

"I have been able to ask questions and work collaboratively with my peers and mentors. This work experience will help me in the future with my endeavors."

Current Participant (2023)

Sun Joon Han

"At my time at FACE, I was able to learn what. professional work setting is like and get some good professional experiences. I learned how to effectively collaborate and communicate with other interns. I am thankful for this great experience that will prepare me for my future. 

Current Participant (2023)

Lauren Tie

Current Participant (2023)

Lauren Tieu

"I specifically work in the marketing department and make posts for the FACE Instagram which has helped me a lot in clubs because as I also make posts there." 

Current Participant (2023)

Jeremiah Jun

Working at FACE in DTLA offers a great office experience and the opportunity to live like an adult. I gain real-life work skills, like learning administrative tasks, statistics, and gaining connections. I have a positive experience with the professionalism there

Current Participant (2023)

Maylie Duong

I am learning various skills that is applicable to my education! There is lots of guidance and I enhanced my marketing through the creation of posts which really for the future.

Current Participant (2023)

Li Ming Liang

Current Participant (2023)

Lauren Tieu

I intern in the marketing department of FACE and have learned to utilize new software! I also create new posts and reach out to others, which has helped me in the future.

Current Participant (2023)

Li Ming Liang

"I am grateful to FACE for giving me this opportunity to practice working in a professional environment. I believe that many of the skills that I am currently developing here will be useful to any career path that I pursue in the future."

Program Partners

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