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Current Participant (2021)

Age 18

My experience working for the Youth @ Work intern was amazing! I learned so many more valuable life skills that will definitely help me out in my future and expand my knowledge of customer service, teamworking, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and so much valuable skills!

Past Participant (2019)

Age 19

I gained customer service skills and I gain communication skills specially with my colleagues

FACE Youth Ambassador

Age 15

I am excited to have the opportunity to gain work experience and leadership skills that can be applicable towards my future career! Thank you FACE!

Past Participant (2021)

Age 18

Thanks to Youth @ Work, I was able to obtain some job experience. At the time, I had a lot of difficulty searching for a place to start gaining job experience and because of this program, I was able to do so.

Past Participant (2021)


I gained a lot of skills and experience with regard to professional development. The internship helped me how I can apply it in future education and employment journey.

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