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How to Get Your Class Certificate

*This is for registered homebuyer education students ONLY.

If you have registered for the 8-hour Homebuyer Education Class, here are the steps to receive your certificate of completion that qualifies you for many downpayment assistance programs and first time homebuyer loan products. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our policy is that students must complete ALL of the following steps including submission of all documentation requested and completing AT LEAST ONE counseling session.


1) Before Class:


2) During Class:


3) During Class:


4) Get Your Certificate!


All documents can be uploaded using this link.

Book Your Counseling Appointment

After you have taken the homebuyer education class, you will need to schedule a 30 minute intake session to prepare you for your counseling session and ensure all required documents have been uploaded correctly. You may use the link below to set up your intake session with us so we can review what you have submitted and what you are missing.

Once your file is complete, the intake specialist will schedule you for a counseling session within 1-2 weeks of your file's completion. During this counseling session, the counselor will assess your situation and help you get your mortgage ready or continue in the next process of buying a home.


A follow-up session may be necessary to further assess and/or refer you to the next professional in your home-buying process. This appointment can be booked with our intake specialist or by emailing


*Please note: counselors may not accept your request for an appointment if the necessary documents have not been given and/or if any violations to FACE's disclosures/policies have occurred.

Pre-Purchase Counseling for First Time Homebuyers


4) After Class:


5) Schedule Intake Session


6) Upload Counseling Documents:


All documents can be uploaded using this link.

The counseling session will be booked after the
intake session has been completed.

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