Testimonies from our C2 Fellows


Pastor Suzana Kim,

Wilshire UMC

I learned that there's a lot of work to be done. For my first step, I hope to develop relationships with local officials. 


Rev. Won-Seok Yuh, Harris UMC

There are more resources than we could account for that are more readily accessible! The willingness of others to support or partner may be higher than we assume individually and as a community.


Rev. Brent Ross,

Normal Heights United

I learned that I have been limiting the Normal Heights Community Hub by my own strengths (and more to the point) weaknesses. I need to share this info and training with the others in the project so that THEIR strengths can be shared and let go of so much of a top down approach to leadership.

C2 Leadership Graduation - 5.5 × 8.5in a

Curtis Yoon,

St. Francis High School

I absolutely loved attending the Economic & Workforce Development Department and LA Promise Zone meetings. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to observe all levels of the public and private sector come work together. Frankly, for some time I believed that the government and its partnering institutions were not working hard enough, I simply did not see the results (maybe I didn’t look hard enough). But after attending these meetings, I felt a new sense of hope and excitement for what we can do in the future to make our society a little better for the next generation.


The week preparing for the African Immigrant Community Homeownership was another “hell” week. But this time I was well-prepared to work hard, because it was the second round of fairs for me. I absolutely adored the fact that FACE, which started off as KCCD, was able to open up to a new demographic of people. I think this homeownership fair was a perfect example showing how we as a people from different sectors of the world can come together as one. Although I was extremely tired that day, it was worth seeing it all come together and seeing our guests truly enjoy the fair. 

C2 Leadership Graduation - 5.5 × 8.5in a

Alyssa Gonzaga,

UC Berkley

I'm so grateful to have been a part of the C2 Leadership Institute. It was truly a unique and priceless experience, where I gained skills in a way so well integrated that I don't think I can ever find it anywhere else. Ms. Im has been such an amazing mentor and role model for me, as a young Asian woman leader. She truly pushed me to be the best I could be. Even as a student who attends Berkeley, this was an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything else. Best of all, I've learned to become a more confident me. As an Asian woman, I have often felt dismissed or expected to be quiet or submissive. But Ms. Im dares you to be bold, be loud, and to shine your light because how else can people see the good you can bring into this world? I'm excited to enter my final at year at UC Berkeley with all the countless memories and newly acquired skill to become a part of the next generation of leaders. 


Pastor Beatrice Williams

As a pastor, I had no idea on how to work along side city officials, how to associate with bankers and funders, how to integrate church with community and also maintain a healthy and amicable relationship with people from other faiths.

FACE has opened up my horizon and changed my views on how building these relationships can help us transform people's lives one city at a time.

C2 Leadership Graduation - 5.5 × 8.5in a

Billy Taing,

API Rise

I was always hesitant to share about my past because of the feeling of guilt and shame and I still do, but now I share my story to educate and empower others. Through C2 Leadership Institute training, I learned owning my story and sharing stories of my struggle is an asset not a burden. That was crucial for me to understand becuase how can I lead if I am constantly weighing myself down. I now understand that what I consider my weakness and failures are actually tools I can use to move and empower my community. Through my journey with FACE C2 Leadership Institute, I also learned about connecting with people, building and maintaining relationships, using data as factual means to  state a point, learning the process of grant writing and how important it is for the success of a non-profit organization, use what's been working, and don't reinvent the wheel There's more but for the convenience of time, I will stop there. This journey has given me so much in the 9 short weeks. My life has been enriched 10 folds. It has truly been a life changing experience that I will build upon the rest of my life.  

C2 Leadership Graduation - 5.5 × 8.5in a

Tina Hill,

New Vision Church of Jesus Christ

I began this journey by way of the Nonprofit Empowerment and Exemption Symposium, because I wanted to HEAR about FAITH Based funding and how to link this information to my church. When I heard Ms. Im share that she has a Leadership Program and it had to do with church and community, immediately I knew who I wanted to reach out to at the break. Little did I know what I was seeking to connect with. However at lunch, I was in line and low and behold, I was standing right behind her interns and spoke to them seeking to network not knowing who they where at first, and had chance to follow up with them. Not once did I speak to Ms Im that day. I'm grateful for this divine alignment because I know now this is a GOD shot to help  me develop in areas I had no clue I needed too... It has required of me to get out of any fear of not being accepted, but their was a moment when I thought this may not be something I really wanna get involved with. However Ms Im welcomed me which put me at ease when we met. The exposure, the knowledge, and the relationships I gained here will carry me onto higher heights and deeper depths in life. Thank you Ms Im. Stay a Blessing!