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Mary Hill Wagner


I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. I have written a book about it: "Girlz 'N the Hood: A Memoir of Mama in South Central Los Angeles." It was published by the Pact Press in September 2021.

During the L.A. Riots/Uprising I was in Columbus, OH and I recall hearing dispatches about the horrific nature of the destruction. I called all my relatives -- all of whom still lived there -- and it was as if they were in a war zone. I felt helpless like someone who has loved ones caught behind enemy lines in a war. I could hear sirens and screaming in the background as I told them to block the windows and doors and stay inside. None were injured during the Unrest. I thank God for that.

People began to see our Korean brethren as our neighbors and friends and not an occupying army AFTER the rebellion. This is a net positive result from this terrible time.

Mary Hill Wagner
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