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Rev. Janna Louie

American Baptist Minister and Area Director, Southern California

Rev. Janna Louie

Rev. Janna Louie is an American Baptist minister currently serving graduate students and faculty in universities across Southern California. She was born and raised in Chicago and is a daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. She hosts the Venn Diagram Forum, a space that engages Asian American racial identity, Christian faith, and politics. After completing her MDiv at Fuller Theological Seminary, she received the Parish Pulpit Fellowship and studied sociopolitical engagement through preaching in Southeast Asia. She was also awarded the David Allan Hubbard Award and continues to create integrated spaces for current seminarians by serving as a group facilitator. She directed various preaching courses and has preaching experience throughout the United States, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Viet Nam, and Thailand. In her spare time, she enjoys running, cooking, and learning to grow her own vegetables.

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