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Matthew Lee

President and Chief Executive Officer, FASTech, Inc.

Matthew Lee

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Matthew began his career designing optical data links for ground-based radar and circuits that serviced training devices at the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD. As an Electronics Engineer, Matthew managed custom hybrid products in the Patriot Missile System used during Operation Desert Storm. Intent on utilizing his federal experience, Matthew founded FASTech Inc. in 1990 and is acting President and Chief Executive Officer. FASTech, based in Rockville, MD, offers a wide range of services including custom application and database design, network engineering and desktop support, web technologies, digital audiovisual technologies, project management, facilities management, and cyber security. He also received his Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Matthew, when not running FASTech, devotes his time to two sectors: business development and cybersecurity. For the past four years, Matthew has served as President of KoBE Government Contracting Alliance a non-profit organization that supports more than two hundred minority owned and operated businesses. Matthew was recently appointed to the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, he was also re-appointed to the TEDCO Board of Directors, an independent organization that offers business assistance and seed funding. Currently, Matthew is President of the U.S. International Development Center (USIDC) for global bilateral trade and investment, which enables local involvement in bilateral trade. Matthew is an acting board member and commissioner of the Baltimore Changwon (South Korea) Sister City Committee (BCSCC). As a Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) Board member, Matthew supports community development and infrastructure through responsible use of government funds. Matthew continues to advance local cybersecurity infrastructure and community ties to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) by serving on the Maryland Cybersecurity Council.

Matthew’s vision and collaborative business style has enabled him to stand out among his peers and business associates. In 2015, Matthew was selected for the Small Business Administration - Emerging Leaders Program and he is a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Alumni. Matthew was also awarded with the Korean Prime Minister’s citation at the annual Commerce and Industry Day in the same year.

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