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Project Presentation

Young Money: What Grownups Never Taught You


Rev. Matt Hambrick

Meet this Fellow

I’m Matt Hambrick, I’m the lead pastor of First United, Costa Mesa, a church that serves young professionals with a passion for community. I’m starting a program called Young Money: What Grownups Never Taught You. For over fifteen years, I have worked with hundreds of young people, from kindergarten to grad school, and one of their biggest complaints, as they enter adulthood, is that no one ever taught them about money. Like they were taught calculus, but not how to create a budget for their household. Then they go to buy a house, begin saving for retirement, or try to pay down debt but they don’t know how to begin or who to trust. Moreover, Financial Health Network claims that only 24% of millennials are healthy, with a majority (54%) merely financially ‘coping.’ I have taught the basics to many students and have seen them grow into successful and financially responsible people. But by partnering with banks or other financial institutions and non-profits to offer a workshop series, designed specifically for people in their age group and income level, we will be able to offer the education needed for every young adult in Costa Mesa to

flourish financially for years to come. Will you partner with us?

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