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Project Presentation

Rhythm & Food


Pastor Lyda Eddington

Meet this Fellow

I’m Lyda Eddington and I’m the pastor of Westchester UMC. We are passionate about feeding people –not just the body, but also mind and spirit. 1 in 5 people experience food insecurity, 2 in 5 adults experience depression, stress and anxiety, and suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth. Ancient civilizations used drumming to create a sense of community and wellness – and we can use it today!

I’m excited to share our initiative - Rhythm & Food! Rhythm & Food offers a shared meal and recreational music-making through group drumming. Drumming reduces stress, improves mood states, strengthens the immune system – no experience is required - and it’s fun! Sharing a meal together builds delicious community. Our partnership with the LAX Food Pantry, Didi Hirsch Mental Health, and REMO drums, have empowered us to create Rhythm & Food – interactively feeding bodies, minds and spirit. Share the unique rhythm of your heart – will you partner with us?

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