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Christopher Lim

Broker- Owner - Neighborhood Consulting Inc.

Christopher Lim,Broker-Owner of Neighborhood Consulting Inc.,has demonstrated success in leading Real Estate Investment ventures and firms in order to achieve superior financial returns. His track record includes proven accomplishments leading effective negotiations for property purchases,leading teams to efficiently manage construction projects with aggressive timelines, and successfully negotiating sales of completed properties to ensure timely return on investment. Other experience includes serving as President for Real Estate firms such as:Catalina Estates and Restoration Houses.Christopher has also spent time working as a Broker, Loan Officer and Account Executive for firms such as;AllianceBancorp, First Magnus, Americorp Funding.He served as 2021 AREAA GLA Chapter President. He also served as a big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.As a residential loan officer, Christopher demonstrated industry knowledge by creating a multi-cultural radio show,School ofMortgages (KLBA) called Escuela De Hipoteca. This show was intended to educate borrowers to make better decisions when selecting a home loan (2005-2009).Given his extensive experience in leadership within real estate, lending, and account management, Christopher has access to key networks and up to date knowledge about current industry trends.This access helps him to proactively assess and analyze potential investment opportunities to ensure that only ventures with potential are considered.While leading Neighborhood Consulting, Christopher and his team has demonstrated success in effectively utilizing international networks through the successful closing on the sale of the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Anaheim264 keys, Huston Hilton Galleria299keys (22M), Dallas Crown Plaza 428keys (35M)

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