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Project Presentation

VPC Good Samaritan Community Partnership


Andreana Lin

Meet this Fellow

Hi! My name is Andreana Jinjue Lin, and I am one of the many passionate young leaders at Virginia Presbyterian Church, also known as VPC, in Northern Virginia. VPC is one of the first Korean American churches planted in the DC area. As a local faith organization we have noticed and acknowledged the silent crisis sneaking up on us as a world community: climate change. To empower our local communities and foster future environmental stewards, VPC is spearheading a 12-month-long environmental and sustainability educational program for K-12 youth via VPC's Good Samaritan Community Partnership. We are already planning on partnering with George Mason University’s Greenhouse and Gardens Program to make this dream a reality. This program focuses on hands-on-learning and engaging, fun-filled educational excursions to provide a uniquely immersive learning experience for diverse and passionate young students. Will you partner with us?

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