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Project Presentation

Spiritual Road to Physical-Emotional Wellness


Rev. Ken Walden

Hello, my name is Ken Walden, I am the Senior Pastor of Holman United Methodist Church located in Los Angeles, California. Holman has a long history of social justice with many Senior Pastors, which include The Reverend James Lawson, which was a major strategist and architect of the Civil Rights Movement. We believe in working against despair through hope and justice. In light of unarmed Black and Brown people being murdered by police brutality and other vigilantes, our Holman CDC will continue to help create Spiritual Roads to Physical-Emotional Wellness. The amount of $100,000 would help us. Your partnership of time, talents, and financial resources, will help us journey towards a more inclusive and equitable world by providing life giving programs such as $25,000 towards our Job Training Program, $25,000 towards our Life Affirming Exercises, $25,000 towards our Crisis Management Tools, $25,000 towards our Restorative Counseling.

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