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Project Presentation

Medical Supply Project


Rev. Elbert Kim

Meet this Fellow

My name is Elbert Kim, pastor at Camarillo United Methodist Church that hosts the Medical Supply Project that resources medical equipment for those in need. We have over 2500 individuals and families that come to our campus annually in search of supplies and equipment that they would normally struggle to attain, especially with the high cost of medical care. Often times, these supplies are not covered by insurance. Individuals are often referred by the hospitals in our region because they know that we have been able to assist hundreds of hundreds each year. We are looking for ways to expand this ministry to provide, not only the supplies, but also the support systems needed. When individuals come needing equipment, it's because they or someone they love have gone through a surgery or in a situation where they need help. For those who come donating equipment, it's because they either they have lost a loved one who used the equipment and thus grieving, or they have recovered and is able to celebrate. We are looking to build a support system for the whole person, for individuals,and families in the community in a culture where the cost of medical supplies is out of touch for many. Will you partner with us in supporting this program?

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