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Project Presentation

Land Development


Rev. Brian Belting

Kailua UMC has been committed to serving the Windward community

since 1927. With a rare four acres of beautiful green space overlooking the

Kawaii Nui Marsh and ancient Ulupo Haiau, there is an opportunity to renew our community outreach efforts. For the past ten years, a key 2-acre parcel of our land has sat underutilized. We are currently working closely with

Kauluakalana, a neighboring non-profit that connects our Kailua community to

the ground and teaches about the cultural context of the neighboring Ulupo

Haiau. Together, we are envisioning better use of our property and space.

KUMC's goal is to further our work with Kauluakalana, as well as incorporate

others who share the desire to connect our community to the land's beauty and

history. Please partner with us to dream and vision on how to meet the needs of Kailua.

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