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Project Presentation

Intersecting Church & Community Through Education


Rev. Suzana Kim

I am the Associate Pastor at Wilshire UMC but I have essentially been in ministry my whole life as a pastor’s kid and a pastor’s wife. When I was a child, church was the community center and where I went for Korean language classes. Over the years, the unfortunate trend I’ve seen in churches is the withdrawal from engagement with the wider community. I believe the church should be the community center where neighbors, especially those who are underserved, could find help and services. In response to that need, we are launching an Educational Initiative to intersect the church with community by providing educational resources, professional development and lifelong learning opportunities. We hope to accomplish our mission through online speaker series, certification courses and college-level instruction through partnerships with local colleges. We are currently offering Health Speaker Series and have aline-up of health professionals until June of this year. We are also excited to offer prospective workshops led by experts in various fields in music, theatre, entertainment, and sports. Will you partner with us in offering your expertise?

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