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Project Presentation

God is in the Graffiti


Pastor VJ Cruz-Baez

God is in the Graffiti seeks to promote the development of urban, underserved young people. We create and facilitate change through the use of art as an instrument to address issues affecting both local communities and the world. With the involvement of professionals from diverse fields, we become bridge builders through which the expression of the different voices and experiences become to be and coexist. Beyond the vital conversations, we offer outdoor living art sessions, during which artists and public interact.Also, some of the art has been curated into a traveling exhibit ready to be displayed wherever is requested. Supported in the past by volunteers from our faith community, funding and advisors from the General Commission on Religion and Race, we are now teaming with leaders from the community to create a 501c3. This will put in place a structure which dynamically plan, resource, and reinvest in young people and underserved communities. Some groups that have partnered with us are:El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, New Urbanism Film Festival, Christian Community Developers, Angel Films, Fuller Seminary- Urban Immersion Class, California Pacific Annual Conference, The United Methodist Women at their National level, and the 2016 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. We are looking forward to new developments, one of which is our first fundraiser event in December 2021. It will be a Silent Auction in which we will promote the artwork created on previous events. We count on more than 15 beautiful and meaningful art pieces to be displayed for public appreciation and contribution. I certainly look forward to seeing you there!

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