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Project Presentation

Bridging the Gap


Pastor Monalisa Siofele Lolohea

Aloha & Greetings! My name is Monalisa Siofele-Lolohea and I am the Coordinator for the Young People’s Council (YPC) for the California-Pacific Conference. I am also the Lead English pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church in Pomona, CA. As coordinator for YPC, in collaboration with a dynamic group of youth and young adult leaders we oversee grant funding that support, develop, and equip young people in leadership, mentorship, and foster lasting relationships that will have a ripple effect for generations to come. NALU means “waves of the vast sea/ocean in Hawaiian and throughout the Pacific diaspora.” As a NALU Maker, one can bring to life their vision for youth ministry and attain leadership development tools that will equip the next wave of young, diverse, faithful, and compassionate leaders. NALU Makers will have a safe space for youth to strategize, plan, network, and implement their vision to life. NALU’s mission is to connect the church + community. To bridge the gap between faith leaders and the people. To raise up and Nurture Authentic leaders who Lead by example, and are provided Unconditional resources, support, and love. NALU Makers will weave Community, Christ, and Culture together while affirming a youth’s call to ministry and serving others. So bear down and partner with NALU. Invest your time and $10K, we pray. Ride the wave, build new relationships. Your investment will go a long way!

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