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Jane Oak

Founder, Convergence incubator at Tapestry LA

Jane Oak

Convergence is a 6-month incubator at Tapestry LA Church which helps entrepreneurs in South LA to either start or scale a small business. Convergence was created by Jane Oak, an attorney and deacon at the church.

Each entrepreneur is matched to a mentor, who is a member at Tapestry who owns and operates their own business. In addition, there are church members who serve as consultants who have specific skills or knowledge that are made available to the entrepreneurs when needed, such as accounting, law, or online marketing.

Convergence began with nine entrepreneurs in June 2021, and four will graduate in November at a demo day at Tapestry. Convergence will also be providing grants and loans to these four entrepreneurs to help with their capital needs.

The businesses of the four graduating entrepreneurs are: a transportation service for children, a 24/7 quality daycare, a home improvement service, and a multi-purpose event space.

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