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Kevin Kang

Director of Worship, Youth Pastor
- Virginia Presbyterian Church

Kevin is a pastor, wedding florist(, and human resources manager at a Ecube Labs Co. While on his journey to become a full-time minister, he became disenfranchised with Evangelicalism which primarily operated from white, male, and heteronormative points of views. From there, ventured out to understand Jesus and faith in more inclusive and progressive lenses, eventually leading his understanding of Christianity to be completely transformed.

Today, Kevin works to be an advocate for people often pushed to the margins, especially those who have been ostracized from the church. In 2017, after stepping down from his role as the English Ministry Pastor in one of the largest Korean churches in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Kevin helped launch FPCLA(First Progressive Church in Los Angeles), a progressive Asian American church that works to promote racial justice, fights to tear down heteronormative power structures, and advocates for the full inclusion of Queer people church and society.

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