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Eddie Yen

Assistant Executive Officer - Executive Office (EO) & President - Los Angeles County Asian American Employees Association (LACAAEA)

Edward Yen, best known as Eddie, was recently promoted to be the Assistant Executive Officer at the Executive Office (EO) that oversees the administration of the Board of Supervisors. The Executive Office (EO) manages technology, staffing, procurement and facilities, as well as the publication of information for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, various County departments and the public. The office also oversees the Office of Inspector General and other County commissions such as the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission, Office of Child Protection, Commission on Disabilities, and the County Equity Oversight Panel. Mr. Yen serves as one of three AEOs overseeing Technology, Planning, Legislation, the Assessment Appeals Board and Operations. This includes overseeing the Board meetings Tuesdays.
Mr. Yen is also the president of the Los Angeles County Asian American Employees Association (LACAAEA). LACAAEA’s vision and mission is to advocate for Asian American employees and for the AAPI community for equitable treatment. LACAAEA members volunteer their time to (1) enhance members’ career skills to prepare them for promotional opportunities; (2) encourage community service to develop relationships with those around us; and (3) network with professional and other employee organizations to expand members’ connections.
Eddie’s community activism is displayed through LACAAEA where he hopes to instill in his fellow County employees the values of community service and mentorship. Eddie believes as a member of this community we all must be grateful for what we have and to give back when you can. That includes volunteering for a good cause, but it also means mentoring younger Asian Americans County employees. That is why Eddie recognizes the value in supporting FACE to raise awareness in the Asian American community about opportunities to contribute.

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