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Jerome E. Horton

Strategic Advocates

Jerome Horton has over 40 years in California politics, state government administration, business development, and community relations. He has served as a Member of the California Legislator, Inglewood City Council, California State Board of Equalization, California Medical Commission, California State Workforce Investment Board, and the California Cultural Endowment Board. Jerome currently serves as president of Strategic Advocates, a government, business, and community relations consulting firm, Chairman of the Poverty Prevention Alliance, and Author of God's Theory of Multiplication.

Jerome has received several awards for his public policy achievement, including the Government Official of the Year from the California Legislators New Democrats, special recognition from the Los Angeles County Bard Association, and the prestigious John Rodriguez Award of Excellence for his work combatting privacy, counterfeiting, and other underground economy activities. Jerome is known as a pragmatic problem solver and for champion against poverty, human trafficking, and corporate criminals operation in the underground economy.


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