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Karen Baker

Listos California, Co-Chair | Governor’s Office
(Cal OES), Senior Advisor

Karen Baker, a nationally recognized leader, strategist and community problem solver, currently works to address California’s most pressing issues by leveraging service, partnerships and innovative program design. Having held cabinet posts under three governors-Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom, Karen has built efforts that continue to show great impact to this day. She was tapped by Governor Newsom as the architect and co-chair of Listos California campaign focusing on building a people-centered disaster preparedness campaign that has already reached 1 out of every 4 vulnerable and diverse Californians. Karen also serves as Senior Advisor in the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). Previously, Karen has held several leadership positions at leading non-profits in the homelessness and poverty arenas, as well as served on the team that created AmeriCorps during the Clinton Administration.


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