Young Emerging Leaders Program

The Young Emerging Leaders Program (YELP) was developed to encourage young Christian leaders to expand their definition of ministry and career paths to serve beyond the walls of the church including other sectors such as business, government, business, media, education, entertainment, and nonprofit. YELP provides young leaders with coaching and mentorship opportunities in different fields within ministry and other professions. YELP also gives young leaders opportunities to gain a wealth of resources from government, corporate, media, and the community in leveraging and utilizing the gifts of not only their own but with whom they serve within the church as well. Through YELP, young leaders can be a part of the Church and Community (C2) Leadership Institute or the Young Ambassadors program.


The C2 Leadership Institute is designed to cultivate young leaders who are interested in civic engagement, public-private partnerships, and being a social justice advocate for the community while strengthening church and community partnerships. Currently, the C2 Leadership Institute cohort consists of college students, community leaders, and church leaders from four pilot churches. These emerging leaders are passionate about developing partnerships at the intersection of church and community.

As part of the 10 week program, the cohort meets once a week where KCCD/FACE provides opportunities for the cohort to meet with various leaders in government, corporate, faith institutions and the community while equipping them with practical skills as fundraising, media and government relations, partnership building, networking, financial literacy, grant writing, eventing, advocacy, program development, outreach strategy, church administrative work and AAPI community needs and data points. Interns are at the church site the remaining four days and working on a community service project as part of the internship.
2016 C2 Leadership Institute Intern Elysia Adi


Young Christian leaders aspiring to make an impact in the world can join the Young Ambassadors program - An unique opportunity for diverse young Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Christian leaders who want to make a difference in the world through faith and community partnerships and being a leader in the intersection of church and community. Young Ambassadors will attend KCCD/FACE's Lighting the Community Summit, which are held either in Los Angeles or Washington D.C. Young Ambassadors will be able to:
Make an Impact
Get firsthand experience advocating social justice to our nation's leaders and see how your voice can make a difference.
Become a Future Leader
Meet and learn from White House officials and Congressmembers, corporate, business, entertainment, faith and community leaders at the intersection of AAPI faith and community development. Develop leadership, advocacy, fundraising and other skills that will make you an effective leader.
Young Ambassador Jae Yun
Young Ambassadors Sunghea Khil and David Kang


Be recognized as a young leader at a national level as well as earn up to 75+ hours and receive Congressional Certificates of Recognition.