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mental health

KCCD/FACE Mental Health Referral Resources is a valuable resource for leaders who are coming in contact with people in need of mental health assistance. Consisting of mental health experts and service providers, those who have reached out have been very successful in providing great referrals and information.

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With homelessness being a key issue in the state of California, KCCD/FACE has addressed the growing challenges the Korean and Asian Pacific Islander community faces in tackling homelessness. KCCD/FACE has collaborated with local, state, and national organizations and leaders to combat homelessness and bringing the faith community as well to be better equipped with resources. As part of KCCD/FACE's efforts on collaborations with various entities, a listserv was created to continue dialogue and provide tailored referrals for those in need.

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Job Training

Since 2002, KCCD/FACE has trained a range of disadvantaged and underserved adults and youth from various programs such as the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) Job Training program from the City of Los Angeles in collaboration with the Worksource Centers, Americorps VISTA, the Summer Youth Program, Computer classes, and by also providing internships to students from partner universities and schools. These programs equip adults and youth with critical administrative and leadership skills, as well as experience with life skills, self-image, reporting, soft skills, presentation skills, administrative office skills, government & public relations, organizing press conferences, writing press releases, public policy research and advocacy, contacting media, marketing and social media updates, videotaping, accounting, creating budgets for programs, event programming, fundraising, partnership development, and navigating resources. Participants can contribute and propose new projects or program ideas and even lead projects.

In addition, as part of KCCD/FACE’s commitment to the job training program, participants are provided with off-site training opportunities such as grant writing and media relations training as well as opportunities to attend special events and meet elected officials, media, and key leaders - both at local and national levels. KCCD/FACE has trained a few hundred participants who have shared many successful testimonies and who have been placed into permanent jobs. KCCD/FACE is partnered with 4 Worksource Centers and the California Public Utilities Commission to provide job placement and enhancing computer literacy skills.

Most recently, KCCD/FACE has launched its API JOBS Initative to assist linguistically isolated participants in finding job, training, and business opportunities by connecting with the City of Los Angeles Worksource Centers.

Small Business

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Church & Nonprofit LEADERSHIP

KCCD/FACE has trained over 3,500 faith and community leaders how to leverage resources, navigate government, create partnerships, implement programs and services and effectively advocate for their community. KCCD has also created a Faith and Community Collaborative on Mental Health and Drug Abuse to connect faith leaders with resources in the

In 2013, KCCD/FACE during its 7th National Lighting the Community Summit, established the 1000 Initiative, national, nonpartisan network of committed Asian American and Pacific Islander Christian leaders to speak with a united voice in the public sphere: to bear witness, to advocate, and to seek partnerships that specifically address our community's unique challenges. You will receive information and invitations to events, discussions and offerings and be connected with other great leaders.
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Since 2001, KCCD/FACE has advocated, engaged, and educated key issues and concerns to better equip the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and the broader community. From local to national issues, KCCD/FACE has been in the forefront to raise the visibility, profile, and resources of the AAPI faith-based community and create collaborations with government and decision makers in leveraging resources and increasing impact. KCCD/FACE holds its Lighting the Community Summits as an opportunity for churches, non-profit, and community organizations to learn how to advocate, build successful partnerships, and be effective witnesses in their communities.
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