Foreclosure Prevention

FACE has helped save over $93 million in mortgages from foreclosure!

FACE has various programs to help our clients, from loan modifications to those that are unemployed to help and catch up on their mortgage payments. FACE counseling sessions consist of an extensive review and document preparation in determining eligibility for mortgage assistance options with lenders. FACE’s counselors can engage into negotiation with lenders for the best possible workout solutions once packages have been submitted.

Counseling services are FREE of charge.

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Success Stories

Reduced payment by more than 11 percent!

'We are very, very happy that there is a place like KCCD, a place where people can come and really get help.' 

Juanita and Jose Rojas purchased their home in October 2001 and lived in it comfortably for over twelve years, raising both their children inside this house. Unfortunately, in 2013, Jose Rojas suffered a grave injury at work and they fell behind on their mortgage payments. With little other choice, Juanita began to work three different jobs to try to catch up with the mortgage. Unfortunately, Juanita and Jose found themselves faced with the very real possibility of losing their home. It was then which the family turned to KCCD and, through KCCD's assistance, were able to receive their much-needed modification, reducing their payment by more than 11 percent!

Ms. Rojas remarked gratefully, 'Home sweet home. Thank God we have it.'

Juanita and Jose Rojas

"Mr. Le suffered a loss of income when he was forced to take a leave of absence when his employer's business also started to decline. He was also traumatized by his father’s passing away resulting in a mental hardship. Unable to make his high mortgage payment, he came to KCCD for help. Through KCCD, he was able to get a successful loan modification allowing him to lower his payments by over $1200 and keep his home". 

Bank of America
PITI Before:$3,768.85
PITI After: $2,543.27
Saving $1,225.58 a month!
Interest Before: 6%
Interest After:
Case Opened: 8/23/2011
Workout Received: 4/1/2012

A. Le

Starting in November 2009, Mr. Kim’s family business started to decline and they fell behind on their mortgage payments. With KCCD’s assistance, however, they were able to restructure their mortgage so that they would pay 2% interest for the first five years, 3% interest in the sixth year, and 3.875% interest starting in the seventh year resulting in lower monthly mortgage payment by $1200.

Chase Bank
PITI Before:$4,513.16
PITI After: $3,272.34
Saving $1,240.82 a month!
Interest Before: 3.04%
Interest After: 2% Received: 6/1/2012

M. Kim

The Chung family’s hardship began when their son was born with medical complications requiring many surgeries. The family spent their entire savings, including their 401K to pay for all their bills and could no longer pay their mortgage or the property tax. In May 2011, their outlook started to look better when their son's health began to improve and Mrs. Chung was able to return to work. However, because of their delinquent payments that had accrued during their financial hardship, they needed assistance even for their current payments. Through KCCD’s assistance, they received a modification in their payment and interest rate reduction that they could afford.

Lender: IndyMac
PITI Before: $4,121.00
PITI After: $3,452.56
Saving $668.44 a month!
Interest Before: 6.75%
Interest After: 2.625%

S. Chung

Ms. Ki and her family were dependent solely on her husband's income to support their family. When the economy tanked, Mr. Ki was forced to close his business. Ms. Ki was able to find employment but her income was not enough to meet all their payments. Through KCCD’s help, the family was able to receive a significant reduction in their monthly mortgage payment by over $1400.

Lender: Bank of America
PITI Before:$3,576.53
PITI After: $2,161.14
Saving $1,415.39 a month!
Interest Before: 2.275%
Interest After: 2%

S. Ki

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• Achievable and affordable repayment plans
• Forbearance Agreement
• Loan Modification
• Possible sale of the home
• Pre-Foreclosure Sale
• Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
1) Intake Forms- Download Intake Form (710 form, 4506-T, Dodd Frank)
2) Signatures on ALL documents where applicable
3) Hardship Letter (see guidelines below)
4) Copy of most recent tax returns or extension (2015 and 2016) with signature(s) and date. If no tax return was filed, please provide a letter of explanation as to why tax returns were not filed.
5) Copy of most recent mortgage statements
6) Copy of most recent Bank Statements (3 Months, need all pages even if the page is blank)
7) Copy of any other documents related to your mortgage(s) such as Property Tax Bill, Homeowner Insurance, HOA invoice(s), etc.
8) Most Recent Pay Stubs (3 Months) and/or if you own business Profit & Loss Statement for last quarter (last 3 months)
9) Utility Bills (electric, gas, water, trash)
10) Lender's Application (Specific to lender)
• Loan Number
• About yourself (Name, Address, Contact Number)
• Family Introduction
• When the property was purchased
• Beginning of the financial hardship
• Future Plans (Long term and/or Short term)
• From when you defaulted on mortgage payment
• How long the financial difficulty will last
• If you want to keep the property, what are your plans
• When you will be able to make mortgage payments regularly
• Proposed Payment Amount (PITI) after the modification
• How you want the bank to help you
• Signature and Date on the bottom of the letter
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