Mark Kingston
Pavonis Group, Managing and Founding Partner

Mark is the Managing Partner and a founding partner of Pavonis Group and is based in Houston, TX. Most recently, Mark was the President of ARGUS Software, the standard for analytical and investment management solutions to the commercial real estate industry, and the Chief Knowledge Officer of Altus Group. In 2005, Mark led a leveraged buyout and subsequent turnaround of ARGUS that included introducing the firm’s products to the Japanese and Chinese markets, led the acquisition of a major European competitor to establish a strong EU presence and continued to add new tools and partnerships to strengthen the firm’s arsenal.Prior to joining ARGUS, Mark served as the CEO of Izoic, Inc., a Denver-based software firm that created solutions for subsurface infrastructure, geo-coding and damage prevention. Mark’s first CEO title came when he founded ECOutlook in Houston in 1999. ECOutlook created a comprehensive B2B integration platform called Collaboration Center© that facilitated the automation of specific business processes.Mark led the mergers and acquisitions business for Physicians Resource Group, a physician practice management company he founded and helped to take public on the NYSE in 1994. In his early career, Mark honed his leadership skills in significant positions with both Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.Over his career Mark has worked with a variety of private equity firms and has completed multiple ventures with several of those firms. His varied and successful career has enabled him to develop a number of specialties, including: Creating shareholder value and ROI, Increasing the value of key personnel as an organizational asset, New business development, start-up and turnaround, Globalization, overseas business operations and management – EMEA, APAC, Americas, Multi-industry execution, Executive accountability for corporate performance and profit. Mark holds a BS from Mount Union College and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis.