Photo Gallery

8LTC Day 2
2017 Meet and Greet Korean Leaders Leading America
15th Anniversary Gala Dinner
KCCD Groundbreaking of Meridian Apartments
KCCD Mustard Seed Foundation Grant Workshop
KCCD Nonprofit Leadership Workshop with SOFIDA
Meet and Greet with Consul General of Azerbaijan
2015 December - Twelfth computer class graduation
2015 - Donor Advisory Board Holiday Reception
2015 Hope Now Homeownership Fair
2015 - Days of Dialogue
8LTC Day 3
8LTC Day 1
13th Annual Homeownership Fair 2014
7LTC Misc
7LTC Day 2
7LTC Day 1
14th Annual Homewnership Fair 2015
16th Annual Homeownership Fair
15th Annual Homeownership Fair