Jeffrey Yim

Community Sponsorship Program Manager at Home for Refugees

Jeff Yim is a natural leader in promoting community unity and uplift. To that end, he wears many hats. He currently overseas the Community Sponsorship Program at Home for Refugees, a nonprofit organization that supports refugee resettlement in the United States. He has previously developed community engagement initiatives for a large organization with the goal of fostering cultural intelligence, resourcing underserved communities, and effectively addressing regional social challenges through multi-sector collaboration. He also serves as Editorial Advisor at Faithfully Magazine, a faith-based news and lifestyle magazine that centers the perspectives of believers of color. He is a part-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant and enjoys teaching in diverse higher education settings as an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy. He is also an active member of the Board of Directors for Love Orange, a nonprofit committed to civic life and the common good in the city of Orange, CA