C2 Leadership Institute

Faith & Community Empowerment (FACE) provides a unique opportunity for adults (ages 16 to 55) who want to grow as a leader at the intersection of church and community (C2). The C2 Leadership Institute trains accepted candidates to equip their church to leverage resources, partner with the broader community, and impact the world by being a light for God's Kingdom.

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An Invitation to Leadership

The C2 Leadership Institute is designed to cultivate emerging leaders who are interested in civic engagement, public-private partnerships, and being a social justice advocate for the community while strengthening church and community partnerships. Past C2 Leadership Institute fellows have included of high school and college students, community leaders, and church leaders. These emerging leaders are passionate about developing partnerships at the intersection of church and community.

Why C2?

According to a recent article from CNN, “almost every major branch of Christianity in the United States has lost a significant number of members...Pew found, mainly because millennials are leaving the fold.” Although churches are aware of this growing trend, they often misunderstand the cause of the problem. They conclude millennials are a very different generation who do not hold the same faith as their predecessors. The truth is young adults today have great passion and desire to see their faith make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, many churches are ill-equipped to facilitate such a meaningful engagement. As a result, young leaders end up looking elsewhere outside of church to fulfill God’s calling for their generation.

FACE is committed to meeting this gap by bringing our community development expertise to the table. Together, working with local churches, our vision is to equip and raise a generation of leaders within the church who can build a fruitful, sustainable, culture of engagement  so that churches can serve as the light in the world and transform the world for the cause of Christ through community engagement and partnership.  

How the Program Works

  • This is a 9 week leadership institute program. Participants come once a week for a full day of leadership training at FACE’s office and outside event locations. Participants will also be required to participate in additional special invites and events. Leadership Institute begins first week with a two day overnight retreat offsite.
  • Additional hours will be devoted to the participants’  community service project as well as special event opportunities.

Skills and Tools

  • Grant Writing & Fundraising
  • Media & Government Relations
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Program Development
  • Networking & Building
  • AAPI Community Needs & Data Points
  • Financial Literacy (Stewardship & Budgeting)
  • Partnerships
  • Eventing
  • Advocacy
  • Personal/Spiritual Development

Application Information

  • Ages between 16 years old to 55 years old.
  • A letter of recommendation (Pastor, Employer, or Professor)
  • Demonstrated commitment to the underserved community in a written personal statement.
  • Applicant upon discussion with church submit one church sponsored community service project they would like to develop during the program.
  • $500 Registration Fee* True cost is $3,500 but through sponsorships, the fee is subsidized.
  • 2019 Schedule begins early June.


"I'm so grateful to have been a part of the C2 Leadership Institute. It was truly a unique and priceless experience, where I gained skills in a way so well integrated that I don't think I can ever find it anywhere else. Ms. Im has been such an amazing mentor and role model for me, as a young Asian woman leader. She truly pushed me to be the best I could be. Even as a student who attends Berkeley, this was an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything else. Best of all, I've learned to become a more confident me. As an Asian woman, I have often felt dismissed or expected to be quiet or submissive. But Ms. Im dares you to be bold, be loud, and to shine your light because how else can people see the good you can bring into this world? I'm excited to enter my final at year at UC Berkeley with all the countless memories and newly acquired skill to become a part of the next generation of leaders."

Alyssa Gonzaga
Student, UC Berkeley

I realized that the end of junior year marked the end of the busiest time of my school career. I finished my SAT, completed my AP courses, ran two marathons, managed 4 school clubs, and became an Eagle Scout (just to name a few). So after that was all said and done, I realized that I had nothing to do during my summer break.

At first I planned to make some money by working at Trader Joe’s. But another desire was to be an intern at a civil/public service organization, to check if I really wanted to take this path. So I looked into a variety of options: Los Angeles City Hall, Glendale City Hall, Pasadena City Hall, La Cañada City Hall and Councilman David Ryu’s office. But reflecting upon my decision now, I would have picked no other place than Faith & Community Empowerment if I had the chance to choose again.

Curtis Yun
Student, High School

I was always hesitant to share about my past because of the feeling of guilt and shame and I still do, but now I share my story to educate and empower others. Through C2 Leadership Institute training, I learned owning my story and sharing stories of my struggle is an asset not a burden. That was crucial for me to understand because how can I lead if I am constantly weighing myself down. I now understand that what I consider my weakness and failures are actually tools I can use to move and empower my community. Through my journey with FACE C2 Leadership Institute, I also learned about connecting with people, building and maintaining relationships, using data as factual means to state a point, learning the process of grant writing and how important it is for the success of a non-profit organization, use what's been working, and don't reinvent the wheel There's more but for the convenience of time, I will stop there. This journey has given me so much in the 9 short weeks. My life has been enriched 10 folds. It has truly been a life changing experience that I will build upon the rest of my life.

Billy Taing
API Rise

I didn't know what I was getting myself into. My professor told me to do the Face C2 Leadership Institute. I wanted to get a job but I decided that this is the right thing to do for the summer. I was a full time intern at FACE. I got to do various programing and administrative work and learn computer skills. I went to different events and workshops. They covered so many various topics. I met people in different areas elected officials, business, community, civic, faith, and social justice. I got to network and build relationships. I was placed in the fast track and really got to stretch myself during the whole internship and fellowship. I was fortunate to be in a environment that put faith and community and lift the voices of all colors. I learned that building and nurturing the relationships is important. Ms. Im taught me how to be a leader and helped me to fulfill my future ministry.

Sara Kil
Korean Christian Reformed Church of Orange County
Grace Mission University


C2 2019 Schedule

2019 Schedule (Participants need to commit to attending all sessions. Sessions go from 9am to 4pm at FACE Office or offsite location) Travel is involved and participants need to make travel arrangements.

June 17 & 18 , 2019 Overnight Retreat
June 27, 2019
July 2, 2019 Tuesday
July 11, 2019
July 18, 2019
July 25, 2019
August 1, 2019
August 8, 2019
August 15, 2019
August 22, 2019 Last Session & Graduation

C2 Schedule from previous year

Week 1

7/2/18  HW Elected Officials & 1 minute pitch

7/2/18  Attend LA City Workforce Development Committee Meeting

7/2-3/18 Outward Focused Churches

  • Speaker: Jim Lee, Five Gears
  • Blackbelt Certification Survey
  • Bio Exercise
  • 1 minute pitch/Speed Networking

7/5/18 Press Conference for FACE African Homeownership Fair with SOFIDA & Ghana Association

Week 2

7/12/18 Rules of Engagement

7/12/18 Danger of a Single Story

7/12/18 Asian American Data - Model Minority Myth

7/12/18 Images of Asians

7/12/18 Racist History of Banking/CRA History

7/12/18 Voter Suppression History

7/12/18 1 minute pitch/self introduction

7/12/18 LA Promise Zone Economic Activity Working Group Meeting

7/12/18 HW Brochure/Flyer/1 minute pitch

7/14/18 Voter Justice Commission Public Hearing w/ Rev. Jesse Jackson

Week 3

7/19/18 Coffee with Senator Holly Mitchell

7/19/18 Brochure/Flyer/1 minute pitch

7/19/18 Canva (Marketing Tool)

7/19/18 Four by Four Free Business Card

7/19/18 Benefits of Marketing

7/19/18 Individual Project Consultation

7/19/18 HW Individual Projects Flyer/Brochure

7/21/18 FACE African Homeownership Fair in Partnership with Sofida & Ghana Association

Week 4

7/24/18 FACE Mustard Seed Foundation Workshop

7/26/18 Financial Capability & Coaching Workshop by Bank of AmericaIndividual Project Consultation

7/26/18 C2 Fellow Project: "Home" Photo Gallery

Week 5

8/2/18 APCF Race Counts Training

8/2/18 Speaker: Mark Keam, Virginia State Delegate

8/2/18 Speaker: Rev. Mark Whitlock, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, COR AME

Week 6

8/9/18 Speaker: Steve Chow, Congressmember Jimmy Gomez

8/9/18 NAHREP Housing Conference: Policy Matters

8/9/18 Meet with Mayor of Gardena Tasha Cerda

8/9/18 Color of Wealth & Housing Data Presentation

8/9/18 Individual Project Consultation

8/10/18 LEAP Leadership in Action Graduation

Week 7

8/14/18 APALS Interns Reception at City Hall

8/16/18 Speaker: Michael Huynh & Tammy Tran, SCE

  • Speaker: Andrew Ahn, Boo's Philly CEO
  • Speaker: Paul Jung, API Rise/Mayor's Office
  • Speaker: Erich Yost, US Department of Housing & Urban Development
  • Speaker: James Cho, FACE Board Chair & Dean of Grace Mission University

8/18/18 C2 Fellow Project: Children's Career Day Individual Project Consultation

Week 8

8/22/18 FACE Meet and Greet

8/23/18 APCF Grant Writing Training Individual Project Consultation

Week 9

8/30/18 Speaker: Jeanne Min, Chief of Staff, City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell

  • Speaker: Kim Yamasaki, Executive Director, CAUSE
  • Speaker: Deepa Bharath, OC Register, Reporter on Religion & Health
  • Speaker: David Choi, President YTN USA
  • Speaker: Rhonda Thornton, USC  Small Business Diversity Office
  • Speaker: Kenneth Crawford, Economic Development Specialist, SBA
  • Speaker: Charlie Woo, CEO of Megatorys, Chair of LA City Workforce Development Board
  • Speaker: Jerome Horton, Board of Equalization
  • Member Individual Project Consultation

C2 Outcomes

An activated church and community partnership committee.

Expanded new contacts with local elected officials, media, potential funders, government agencies and other stakeholders/community/business organizations.

Sponsorship request template, certificate/commendation letter request template, and press release template.

Identification of gifts in your congregation.

Elevated visibility in the community.One established community program.

A brochure/collateral that documents all the community work the church is doing.

Engaging and inspiring the next generation to be deeply involved with the church.


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Once you complete this application, be sure to submit
1. One letter of recommendation
2. Transcript from your most recent place of enrollment.

Send all communications to info@facela.org with a subject line: C2 Leadership -Your Name.

3. Once accepted, you will need to submit your registration fee of $500 made payable to FACE and sent to FACE, 3550 Wilshire Blvd. #736, Los Angeles, CA 90010

C2 Sponsors

Union Bank
Council of Korean Americans