Rev. Kurt

Rev. Kurt

First German UMC

The Broken Middle

Kurt Poland was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado. At the time of his birth his father and mother were upwardly mobile, and on the strength of respective graduate degrees in Geology and Geophysics were advancing careers in the oil and gas industry. Kurt’s mother died tragically days before giving birth to his sister. He was 3. His dad remarried a convert to Christianity from a secular-Jewish background, and she legally adopted him when he was 5. She began taking him and his dad to church. From his family, Kurt learned a deep love of both Jesus Christ and the natural world. In time, he came to hear a call to ministry. Kurt pursued an MDiv and is now a provisional UMC elder. Kurt’s vocation centers around a symbiotic focus on serious historical and theological study on the one hand, and active cosmopolitan ministry on the other.


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