David Caprara

Strategic Advisor, Global Peace and Development Service Alliance

David L. Caprara is a Strategic Advisor to the Global Peace and Development Service Alliance. He has served in executive leadership at the community, national and international levels, advancing partnerships, strategy and bridge building to resolve intractable peace and development challenges and achieve measurable outcomes toward the 2030 goals.

He served under two US Presidential administrations including roles as national director of VISTA and Faith-Based Initiatives at the Corporation for National and Community Service and deputy assistant
secretary at US HUD, and as director of Housing and Community
Development for the Governor of Virginia. In the past decade David has
served as Vice-President for Strategic Partnerships with the Global Peace
Foundation advancing peace and global service enterprise with young leaders and
partners in Asia and Africa. He served as nonresident Fellow on International
service with the Brookings Institution in Washington and founding board with the
Building Bridges Coalition. He loves to climb the mountains of Himalaya in
Nepal, Africa and the Blue Ridge in his home of Virginia.